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A century, feminists across the globe have vigorously debated the political salience of prostitution, particularly as it relates to the experiences of women for over a half.

As Anderson and Andrijasevic (2008) note, ‘abolitionist feminists’ view prostitution as similar to ‘sexual slavery,’ an expansion of ‘patriarchal domination over female sex,’ and understand it as a ’gender crime’ ( Anderson and Andrijasevic, 2008 : 139). Comparing prostitution to a sex criminal activity has gained traction in several nations after the UN’s use regarding the Palermo Protocol in 2000, a guitar that frames antitrafficking efforts through the lens of managing criminal activity ( Anderson and Andrijasevic, 2008 : 136). Abolitionist ideologies provide help to criminal justice antiprostitution efforts, just just just what Bernstein critiques as a type of ’carceral feminism’ ( Bernstein, 2010 ) This can be a feminist inspired approach that is antitrafficking depends on their state to safeguard potential sex trafficked victims from (observed) threats and physical physical violence, leading to a ’rescue industry’ ( Agustнn, 2007 ) of government agencies, nonprofits, and NGOs whose funding and existence depends on distinguishing, rescuing, and rehabilitating intercourse trafficking victims/survivors. Bernstein’s (2010) findings in regards to the fusion of abolitionist sentiments with unlawful justice efforts prove exactly how abolitionist ideologies have actually been bolstered by heightened awareness of intercourse trafficking globally.

Scholars have actually documented the issues with the abolitionist approach. In a U.S. context, antiporn crusaders regarding the 1980s arguably discovered new cause in antitrafficking efforts that started within the late 1990s.

By doing this, they abandoned wider sociolegal issues about migration, international economic inequality, and work liberties across a selection of informal labors ( e.g., domestic work, construction) in support of a slim give attention to intercourse trafficking of females and girls ( Agustнn, 2005 ; Ditmore, 2005 ; Doezema, 2002, 2010 ; Kempadoo et al., 2005 ; Sanghera, 2005 ; Schaeffer-Grabiel, 2010 ). Continue reading