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Rioting broke away in Cochabamaba, Bolivia’s 3rd city that is largest (pop.800,000) whenever prices finally reached 200%.

Despite martial legislation as well as the Army opening fire on thousands (1 killed, 1000s wounded), demonstrators protested for months with basic strikes, street rallies, as well as an online campaign against Bechtel. Finally in 2000, the government canceled the contract april. Bechtel sued for $50,000,000 within the WB court (loss of investment/future profits). A worldwide firestorm it dropped the case and awarded Bolivia 30 cents against it burned so fiercely that to save face. However, the taxpayers needed to protect high court expenses and $1,000,000 in appropriate charges.

By comparison, Argentina’s # 1 budgetary priority fully guaranteed residents of affordable water most of all at the cost of other products. Continue reading