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A quite informative report estimating a score of a potential borrower in other words, Teletrack issues.

What exactly is Teletrack?

The expression of Teletrack is quite usually found in regards to payday lending. Nevertheless, the idea just isn’t understandable for all. The following is additional information regarding the account.

Teletrack is really a credit agency that is reporting. It will not make use of the banking institutions or big crediting organizations but tightly cooperates with cash advance loan providers. It gives the information that is following the consumer:

  • Verification of Personal Security number;
  • History on payday advances or other loans that are similar consumer took in past times;
  • In the event that consumer had any loans that are overdue
  • Check out the user’s target and contact details;

Teletrack History

Teletrack Inc had been launched in 2000. The company’s primary activity includes supplying consumer credit rating services.
Teletrack has transformed into plus it “provides information cleverness to spot and manage development possibilities, enhance business performance and manage risk”. Continue reading