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Maryland teacher claims he destroyed $50,000 after being deceived by way of A russian mail purchase bride

BALTIMORE, Maryland — A Morgan State University mathematics professor thinks he is the victim of a nasty relationship scam. Dr. Jonathan Farley came across their spouse through a Russian online site that is dating. He had been after real love, but he believes their spouse ended up being after an eco-friendly Card along with his cash. He estimates he destroyed near to $50,000.

Farley, an accomplished mathematician, looked over finding love like a data issue.

“There are 10 million more ladies than men in Russia,” stated Farley.

He liked their chances, therefore he traveled to Siberia where he met a female in a unconventional method.

“I came across her in 2013. I used a mail purchase bride site called And even though the term was used by them‘mail order,’ no one really comes into the mail,” Farley stated.

The website delivered a match. She ended up being 20, he had been 42. Inspite of the age distinction, they thought they would provide it an attempt.

“We remained in contact. We sent her about 250 questions regarding household life, just exactly how kids that are many’d wish to have, other aspects and she responded them all,” Farley stated. Continue reading