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Thailand Dowry – you may be surprised when you learn that paying a “dowry” is standard practice in Thailand if you are a westerner planning on marrying a Thai woman. In Thai culture, a perspective groom is anticipated to offer the bride along with her family members two presents: Khong guy and sin sod.

The Khong Guy: Engagement Gold

In Thai culture and under Thai legislation, an engagement becomes formal if the groom offers their bride-to-be a present-day of 24 carat gold jewelry known Khong guy. Thai legislation doesn’t require a groom to offer their bride a Khong guy present her, but refusing to give your bride a Khong Man gift would violate cultural norms before he is allowed to marry. Although a Khong guy gift is anticipated, providing your spouse a wedding ring is solely optional in Thailand.

sin sod: The Thai “Dowry”

sin sod is really a longstanding thai custom in which a groom ceremonially offers their bride’s household a money present at the time of the wedding. sin sod can be mistranslated as “dowry,” a term which actually identifies the customized of a bride’s household building a spending the groom’s family members. Although sin sod is popularly known as “Thai Dowry,” “Thai Bride Price” is an even more accurate description associated with the training.

Having to pay a sin sod for the bride’s turn in wedding is really a social customized, although not a requirement that is legal. You to show that you paid a bride price when you register your marriage, the registrar will not ask.

Function of The sin sod

While some foreigners could find it distasteful to “buy” a bride, the custom evolved never to enrich the spouse’s moms and dads, but to make sure that the groom ended up being economically stable. Continue reading