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Exciting new features – utilizing supply maps with Sass 3.3

One of many exciting brand new features in Sass 3.3 that each and every designer should simply simply take benefit of is maps that are source.

As CSS pre-processors, minifiers, and JavaScript transpilers have grown to be conventional it really is increasingly hard to debug the rule operating into the browser due to distinctions because of the initial supply rule.

As an example, by using CoffeeScript (which compiles to JavaScript) you may not see CoffeeScript while debugging within the web browser. Rather, you will see put together JavaScript. The problem that is same for Sass which compiles down seriously to CSS.

Supply maps look for to bridge the space between higher-level languages like CoffeeScript and Sass therefore the lower-level languages they compile down to (JavaScript and CSS). Supply maps enable you to look at original supply (the CoffeeScript or Sass) rather than the put together JavaScript or CSS while debugging.

In training, for Sass users, which means that whenever you examine a feature with designer tools, instead of seeing the CSS designs connected with that element, you can view the rule we actually worry about: the pre-compiled Sass.

Generating source maps for Sass

To have use of this particular feature within the web browser, you will need to produce a supply map apply for each supply file.

For Sass, that is as simple as incorporating a banner to Sass’s demand line device:

In the event that you try looking in your production folder after operating that demand, you are going to realize that a remark was put into the finish associated with the generated CSS file:

This points to a extra file that is made during compilation: , which – because the title suggests – is really what maps all the compiled CSS back once again to the foundation Sass declarations. Continue reading